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Midwest Solid Surface Repair


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Can my damaged counter be repaired?

The bad news is that you have a damaged counter or surface, the good news is that in most cases it can be repaired. Allow our highly trained team to explain the repairs needed and provide you with a quote.

Does my counter have to be removed to repair it?

All repairs are done in your home and your counter stays in place. Our certified technicians are trained on in-home repairs and have the tools to do every job onsite, even replacing your sink! Removing your top will add unnecessary strain and potential damage to your top, why risk it?

How long will the repair take?

Each repair is unique and times vary. On average repairs take 3 to 4 hours. Our customer service representatives will inform you of the time frame to expect with your particular job. 

My Corian sink cracked, now what?

Integrated sinks are beautiful but sometimes they crack. Don't fret our technicians are trained to remove your sink right there in your home. We can then install  another solid surface sink to give you that integrated look and feel you love.